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Ways Away "Torch Songs"


Ways Away's members pack a notable rock resume, comprised of guitarist Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam, Knapsack, Racquet Club), vocalist/guitarist Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns, Wish You Were Here), drummer Jared Shavelson (BoySetsFire, The Hope Conspiracy), and bassist Ian Smith (Racquet Club). The band made their debut in 2020 with their self-titled full-length and build upon their storied sound on the upcoming "Torch Songs" album. The record explores themes of anti-capitalism and living in the current state of the world, as well as approaching more personal moments about love and loss.

Track Listing:

1. I Got Low
2. (I'm Not) Laughing With You
3. Heaven's Lathe
4. Never Mind The Dog
5. Happy With What I Have
6. No Chance In Hell
7. The Only Living Boy In L.A.
8. Easy Fix
9. Burn Me Out
10. Pink Kerosene
11. Roll Back To You