Vile Records


Warwound "WW3"

Warwound needs no introduction. Comprising founding members of Sacrilege, The Varukers, Hellkrusher, and Decadence Within, this band dates back to 1982 when D-beat punk was taking shape. Today, almost 40 years later, Warwound blends what's best in metal and punk and come up with 15 angry punk songs with a heavy, Sacrilege guitar, solid bass lines from one of the best punk bassists around, and a devastating drum sound, all accompanied by Rat's raw vocals shouting pissed off lyrics on this miserable place called the world.

Track Listing:

1. Bastards
2. The Blindfolds Of Bigots
3. Hypocrisy Of The Powers That Be
4. Just A Thought
5. Children Of War
6. The Age Of The Racist
7. Mislead Deceive
8. People Are Shit
9. We Don't Accept
10. Note To Self (This World Is Fucked)
11. The Blood Never Dries
12. Take The Money And Run
13. Is This Me
14. Undersirable
15. Fight Your Demons