Bridge Nine Records


War On Women "Capture The Flag"

War On Women returns with their highly anticipated follow up to their self-titled album. "Capture The Flag" is an 11-song, politically charged juggernaut that attacks the listener both sonically through their hardcore punk approach, and lyrically by tackling vitally pertinent social issues. "Capture The Flag" is a composite character of one of hardcore's most riling bands. Vinyl version includes digital download. Limited edition of 300 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev.

Track Listing:

1. Lone Wolves
2. Silence Is The Gift
3. Capture The Flag
4. Dick Pics
5. Pleasure & The Beast
6. Childbirth
7. The Violence Of Bureaucracy
8. Divisive Shit
9. Predator In Chief
10. Anarcha
12. The Chalice & The Blade