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War Babies "4: Engineering Our Own Demise"


The forth release from New York, NY's War Babies (Mike DeLorenzo of CR/Kill Your Idols/Celebrity Murders and Darren Nanos from Brain Slug/Negative Charge) showcases 11 new songs of pissed-off hardcore heavily influenced by Sick Of It All and Crossed Out, while adding a new twist of haunting, Celtic Frost guitar drone. These 11 songs cover the downfall of today's society and how society's troubles are engineering our own demise. Guest vocal spots from Tom Sheehan (Indecision/Most Precious Blood), Ron Grimaldi (Deathcycle), and Jeff Altieri (Enrage). Cassette includes digital download and is limited to 103 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Hateful Snake
2. Enginnering Our Own Demise
3. A Glance Over The Shoulder
4. Goo For Brains
5. Automatic Tragic
6. Intermission
7. Incompetent Arrogance
8. Accept The Lie
9. Cycle Of Neglect
10. No Destined Destination
11. Body For Christ