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Violent Soho "Hungry Ghost"

Violent Soho, a four-piece from Brisbane, Australia, has been at it since 2004, touring widely and selling out shows left and right. Following 2010's self-titled album, which BBC Music said "scales the energetic highs that made Mudhoney and Nirvana so exhilarating," "Hungry Ghost" is an unapologetic, post-grunge cacophony. The band spent six weeks working with producer Bryce Moorhead and the result was an album chock full of fuzzy, tumbling riffs: the throat-tearing "yeahyeahyeahyeah" of "Covered In Chrome," the grungy rock 'n' roll power of "Gold Coast" and the splitting anger of "Lowbrow." "Hungry Ghost" - it's intelligent, melodic and dripping with attitude. Vinyl version includes download card.

Track Listing:

1. Dope Calypso
2. Lowbrow
3. Covered In Chrome
4. Saramona Said
5. In The Aisle
6. OK Cathedral
7. Fur Eyes
8. Gold Coast
9. Liars
10. Eightfold
11. Hungry Ghost