Pirates Press Records


V/A "Oi! This Is Streetpunk! Volume Four"

With the tremendous success of the first three editions of "Oi! This Is Streetpunk," we've been looking forward to this newest version for quite some time. Whether you wanna call it oi! or streetpunk or something else, it's those fast-paced, upbeat, witty, clever and inspiring tunes that have us all lacing up those boots and putting up those mohawks. Here are 14 more bands that share that love and 14 more great tracks to help you DJ that next punk rock drink-a-thon. LP includes digital download and a 2" lapel pin.

Track Listing:

1. The Last Resort - Fuck 'Em All
2. Bishops Green - Another Door
3. Hard Evidence - Criminals & Outcasts
4. Razors In The Night - My Boots Are Red
5. Gestalts - Made To Pay
6. Geoffrey Oi!Cott - Bail Jumpers
7. Duffy's Cut - Persecution Complex
8. Evil Conduct - Yesterday's Rebellion
9. Infa-Riot - I'm More Punk Than You
10. Lion's Law - It's A Shame
11. Bombshell Rocks - Scars And Tattoos
12. Last Seen Laughing - You're Fucking Dumb
13. Suede Razors - Longshot Kid
14. Lenny Lashley - Hooligans