Rebellion Records


V/A "Oi! Ain't Dead 7"


Remember the "Oi! Made In Holland" samplers? Well, oi still ain't dead in the Netherlands - there aren't just many bands left. But the bands that are left are killing it and you'll find four of them on the (already) seventh installment of Rebellion Records' "Oi! Ain't Dead" series, originally released in 2018. Now available again on colored vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Imported from the Netherlands.

Track Listing:

1. Savage Beat - Stop Trying
2. Savage Beat - Revenge
3. Savage Beat - Don't Hide Your Hate
4. Live By The Sword - Fire
5. Live By The Sword - Pawns In Their Game
6. Live By The Sword - Rats And Snakes (alternate version)
7. The Reapers - Thought Control
8. The Reapers - I've Had Enough
9. The Reapers - Seld Destruction
10. Complaint - That's No Punk
11. Complaint - Leave Me Alone
12. Complaint - Take A Stand
13. Razorblad - New Dawn Rising (bonus track)