Dark Operative


V/A "It Came From The Abyss: Volume 1"

It Came From The Abyss: Volume 1 kicks off a new compilation LP series curated by Dark Operative. The first installment features an A-side that highlights bands that encapsulate the best that the underground metal and hardcore genres have to offer, while the B-side showcases some of the label's favorite instrumental, goth, indie, emo, and pop outfits of the past, present, and future. The program encapsulates a range of covers (Power Trip's take on Prong, The Dillinger Escape Plan channeling Black Flag, Highness turning in a Rorschach cover that conjures The Cure's "Pornography" album), first-time exclusives (a demo track from The All-American Rejects being heard for the first time ever, a previously unheard Bleach Everything track, a brand new song from This Will Destroy You), unearthed/long out-of-print material (Christie Front Drive's "Bag," Doomriders' "Hell Roaring," an Integrity track from their split with Gehenna), songs previously only issued in Europe (Iron Reagan, Black Mare), and a previously-unheard demo version of Grave Pleasures' "Doomsday Rainbow."

Track Listing:

1. Power Trip - Brainwave
2. The Dillinger Escape Plan - Damaged I & II
3. Doomriders - Hell Roaring
4. Bleach Everything - Savage
5. Integrity - I Know Where Everyone Lives
6. Iron Reagan - Government Surveillance
7. Iron Reagan - Carbon Monoxide
8. Iron Reagan - Delete That
9. This Will Destroy You - Escape Angle
10. Black Mare - Glaesir
11. Grave Pleasures - Doomsday Rainbow (demo)
12. Highness - Impressions
13. Christie Front Drive - Bag
14. The All-American Rejects - Stay (demo) (previously unreleased)