Crew Cuts Records


V/A "Group Therapy"


Crew Cuts Records didn't need to go to the damn gym to start 2023 - they were flexing their muscles and bringing the big gains via the "Group Therapy" compilation 7". Eight previously unreleased hardcore ragers. You got Consolation, Skrewball, Gel, Spaced, The Dweebs, Dry Socket, Last Gasp, and Placid all on one wax disc. Now available again on vinyl. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Consolation - Gonna Explode
2. Gel - Restrictive Tendency
3. The Dweebs - No Way
4. Spaced - Away
5. Dry Socket - Out Of Reach
6. Last Gasp - Sounds Like A You Problem
7. Placid - Superstition
8. Skrewball - Prison Island