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V/A "Duma Mlodych: Mysha Fanzine Compilation"


Mysha Fanzine was created by Anna Lubinska and Adam Szulc (from Cymeon X) in Poznan and was one of the most important hardcore punk fanzines in Poland in the early '90s. All the bands compiled on this album appeared in the pages of the fanzines' five issues with the songs being recorded between 1987-1994. This collects 18 songs by 18 bands from seven countries plus the Mysha Fanzine anthology book, for the thirty-year anniversary of the first issue, in one package, bringing back memories of one the best and influential periods in the history of Polish and international hardcore punk and straight-edge scenes. Limited edition of 400 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Insted - Proud Youth
2. The Cause - Because
3. Rise Above - Real Deal
4. Manliftingbanner - End The Fear
5. Think Twice - The World Stops Today
6. Shelter - Freewill
7. Shortsight - Cold Wounds Waking
8. Independent Noise Disorder - Smrt Zaziva
9. No Fraud - No Fraud
10. Embittered - No War But...
11. Homomilitia - To Mozliwe Jest Tylko Tutaj
12. Aguire - Kto Nas Pytal?
13. Jak Dlugo Jeszcze? - Co Nas Laczy?
14. Upside Down - Modlitwa
15. Hooded Man - Sila Woli
16. Inhell - God Damn
17. Nowa Droga - Kolejny Raz
18. Cymeon X - Drug Free Youth