Puke N Vomit Records


Urban Waste "NYHC Document 1981-1983"


This compilation compiles Urban Waste's rare and pricey, debut 7" EP from 1983 along with demo tracks and unreleased live tracks. Known for their intense, sludgy sound and ferocious lyrical assaults, Urban Waste was one of the hardest hitting and most original sounding bands in the early-'80s, New York hardcore scene. The band featured Andy Apathy on bass, formerly of Reagan Youth. LP includes booklet.

Track Listing:

1. Military Abuse (demo)
2. Mutiny (demo)
3. Police Brutality
4. Public Opinion
5. No Hope
6. Wasted Life
7. Skank
8. Ignorant
9. BNC
10. Reject
11. Team (live)
12. White Flag (live)
13. Reject (live)
14. No Hope (live)
15. Skank (live)
16. Reject (live)
17. Mutiny (live)
18. Rebel Kind (live)
19. Police Brutality (live)
20. I Won't (live)
21. Havana Affair (live)
22. BNC (live)
23. Ignorant (live)
24. If We Only Had Love (live)
25. Debation (live)
26. Wasted Life (live)
27. American (live)
28. Public Opinion (live)