Mankind Records


Unit Pride "Then And Now"


Unit Pride was a band from California’s Bay Area that was a part of the late-’80s, youth-crew hardcore scene. The singer, Eric Ozenne, went on to front The Nerve Agents (Hellcat/Revelation), Redemption 87 (Blackout/New Age), and Said Radio (Mankind). This collection includes the long-out-of-print Unit Pride "Then And Now" 7”, originally released in 1988 on Step Forward Records, as well as their even rarer, self-released "Holding On Strong" demo from 1987. New pressing now available on translucent green vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. All In The Head
2. Wide Awake
3. Making A Difference
4. One Will Do
5. Think About It
6. Then And Now
7. Making A Difference (demo)
8. Wide Awake (demo)
9. Choice Is Yours (demo)
10. Holding On Strong (demo)
11. Friendship (demo)
12. Struggle Of Life (demo)
13. One Will Do (demo)
14. Straight Ahead (demo)