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Ultra Razzia "Jusqua'au Bout"


"Jusqu'au Bout De La Nuit" ("Until The End Of The Night"), the second full-length from Montreal, Canada, hellions Ultra Razzia, reads as a dramatic, au courant, skinhead pulpe noire or torturous hooks that will kick about your noggin' for days on end. A towering spectre of impending menace disguised as reverie, cheering loudly with the lads as the last ticks of today become the first hours of tomorrow. LP includes a 11.5" x 16.5" poster and is limited to 270 copies.

Track Listing:

1. En Perdition
2. Fracasse
3. Barricade Camouflee
4. Au Bout De La Nuit
5. A La Morgue
6. Personne
7. La Derniere Biere
8. Six Pieds Sous Terre
9. Sous Les Ponts
10. Finir En Enfer