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Typecaste "Between Life"

Typecaste is a five-piece, metallic hardcore outfit formed in 2017. After releasing a demo in 2017 and the EP "Creature Of Habit" in 2018, Typecaste returns with their most transcendent work to date - "Between Life." Lyrically, "Between Life" ponders the spaces between life and death - such as sleep, meditation, paralysis, and near-death experience - and revels in the hallucinatory limbo that such spaces create. CD includes the "Creature Of Habit" EP as bonus tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Memento Mori
2. Traverse
3. Hypnagogic Hallucination
4. Under The Wreath
5. Seasons Change (bonus track)
6. Separate (bonus track)
7. Blame Me (bonus track)
8. No Reaction (bonus track)
9. Step One (bonus track)
10. Let Myself Die (bonus track)
11. Spring (bonus track)