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Time Heist "The Odds Against Tomorrow"


Denver, CO's Time Heist presents the expanded reissue of their 2022 EP "The Odds Against Tomorrow," with fully remastered artwork and an exclusive, eight-song live set. Most recently, Time Heist joined the Indecision Records roster, gaining more notoriety as one of the country's premier youth-crew-inspired straight-edge band, all brought to you by members of bands like Energy, Spirits, and Test Of Time. Vinyl version limited to 600 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Forever True
2. Time Heist
3. You're Wrong
4. Learn To Believe
5. Still Here
6. Remember When
7. Forever True (live)
8. Never Too Late (live)
9. Straight Edge Revenge (live)
10. Still Here (live)
11. You're Wrong (live)
12. Keep On Fighting (live)
13. Learn To Believe (live)
14. Remember When (live)