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Tiger Army "III: Ghost Tigers Ride"

Tiger Army have turned hard work and even tragedy (the shooting of drummer Fred Hell in 2003) into triumph with the release of "III: Ghost Tigers Rise" - the album's thirteen tracks are the band's boldest and most compelling work yet. Self-produced by Nick 13, this album takes Tiger Army to a new level sonically, where meticulously crafted vintage tones meet elements of modern recording in an approach that reflects the band's overall philosophy on embracing both the past and the future. "III: Ghost Tigers Rise" is a watershed album that will attract not only fans of psychobilly, but punk and hardcore, goth, rockabilly and roots music, country and rock 'n' roll in general. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Prelude: Death Of A Tiger
2. Ghost Tigers Rise
3. Wander Alone
4. Santa Carla Twilight
5. Ghostfire
6. Rose Of The Devil's Garden
7. Atomic
8. What Happens?
9. Through The Darkness
10. The Long Road
11. Calling
12. Swift Silent Deadly
13. Sea Of Fire