Youth Attack Records


The Repos "s/t"

In the wake of the dismal millennium thrash revival, The Repos brought a fresh perspective to hardcore by blending nihilistic humor and dirtbag culture with a furious, classic sound that created their own distinct style. Originally released in 2004 and out of print until now, this deluxe reissue features newly remastered audio by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Pressed on 180-gram black vinyl, this LP comes housed in a spot-glossed matte slipcase with a slightly updated UV-gloss coated jacket design, and Euro sleeve displaying art sourced from original materials including an unseen live photo of the band during their first-ever performance at Buffalo Bill's Garage in the South Chicago suburbs in 203.

Track Listing:

1. Attack From All Sides
2. Comedy Joke Time
3. OK
4. Voice In My Head
5. We Yell
6. Laughing In My Sleep
7. Are We Dead Yet?
8. Buried Bones
9. Go Faster
10. Repossessed
11. The Kids Don't Care
12. Straight Jacket
13. Waiting For Death
14. Bathtub Methlab
15. Certified Cult Band