Iodine Recordings


There Were Wires "s/t"


Unlikely but overwilling, the embryonic form of Boston, MA's There Were Wires (formed on Martha's Vineyard in 1999) traversed every basement, rec hall, and dive club in the city to blow out speakers and vocal chords alike with their explosive brand of hardcore punk. The band's debut, self-titled full-length is being pressed for the first time on vinyl and has been completely remixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios and re-mastered for vinyl. It also now includes several out of print B-Sides and the band's 1999 demo.

Track Listing:

1. Lukewarm Happy
2. Prepare For Collapse
3. Instinctually Dumb
4. The Physics Of Air Hockey
5. Stop Motion Aesthetic
6. Fat With Glasses
7. Commotion Strange
8. The Hours
9. Bigger And Better Things
10. It Will Be Better Than The Rest Of Your Life (bonus track)
11. Cru Jones (bonus track)
12. The Physics Of Air Hockey (demo) (bonus track)
13. Stop Motion Aesthetic (demo) (bonus track)
14. Instinctually Dumb (demo) (bonus track)
15. Fat With Glasses (demo) (bonus track)