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The Promise Ring "Nothing Feels Good Remastered Edition"

On their 1997 release, The Promise Ring made emo more accessible, which laid the groundwork for the commercially successful acts that would follow. The record was a high point for many fans of the band and is considered one of the pillars of the genre. Perhaps because of this light-hearted yet concentrated approach, "Nothing Feels Good" landed with the kind of fanfare that hadn't been seen for a band from emo's sophomore class, selling over 50,000 records in its initial run. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Is This Thing On?
2. Perfect Lines
3. Red & Blue Jeans
4. Why Did Ever We Meet
5. Make Me A Chevy
6. How Nothing Feels
7. A Broken Tenor
8. Raspberry Rush
9. Nothing Feels Good
10. Pink Chimneys
11. B Is For Bethlehem
12. Forget Me