The Promise Ring "Horse Latitudes"

Nestled between the emotionally terse "30 Degrees Everywhere" and the pop explosion of "Nothing Feels Good," this singles and unreleased songs compilation sees The Promise Ring in a number of different musical phases. The earliest material on the record, including "Watertown Plank" and the emo classic "A Picture Postcard," showcase the raw origins of the band and their early tendencies to couple meandering guitar notes with unbridled and distorted rock. "E. Texas Ave.," a fan favorite from the group's split 7" with Texas Is The Reason, is also a noteworthy inclusion, not to mention the toughest song the band has ever recorded. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Watertown Plank
2. Mineral Point
3. A Picture Postcard
4. Saturday
5. Scenes From Parisian Life
6. E. Texas Ave.
7. Miette
8. I Never Trusted The Russians