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The Pist "Ideas Are Bulletproof"

Carrying the same intensity and urgency as it had upon its original release in 1995 "Ideas Are Bulletproof" was the only full-length output from The Pist, who were born of the same scene as The Unseen, The Casualties, Aus Rotten, Masskontrol and Destroy, bringing a hard-driving UK 1982 sound with Al Pist's signature snarling vocals spewing socially-driven lyrics.

Track Listing:

1. Still Pist
2. Never Question
3. Street Punk
4. Dead In Its Tracks
5. Alternative?
6. The Customer (Is Always Right)
7. Slogans
8. Ideas Are Bulletproof
9. Small Town
10. Energy
11. Textbook Salvation
12. Do What You're Told
13. New School
14. Great American Sportsman
15. Perceptions
16. Not Your Problem
17. Song For You
18. Black And Blue Collar
19. Deal With It