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The Old Firm Casuals "Holger Danske"

The Old Firm Casuals' sound, message, and passion will not be limited by genre labels. With "Holger Danske," The Old Firm Casuals bring an intensity and focus not seen before in the band's previous releases. It's tough as nails, and shows a very talented band truly at their best; breaking barriers and stereotypes, and exemplifying the hooks and licks that cause so many people to love them. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Get Out Of Our Way
2. Motherland
3. Pendulum
4. De Ensomme Ulve
5. Holger Danske
6. Casual Rock-N-Roll
7. Traitor
8. The Golden Fall Pt.1
9. Thunderbolt
10. Overdose Of Sin
11. Nation On Fire
12. Zombies