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The Moomaw Collective "s/t"

Performing solo or with other musicians, Nathan Moomaw's project The Moomaw Collective is the product of Nathan's musical and life experiences. An alteration of the folk music he was raised on, the sound combines a lo-fi feel with indie-rock attitude. The dynamic can be both soft and eerie or loud and edgy while still maintaining an acoustic sound. The Collective's debut album Kiss Me Red is evidence of this range and Nathan's honest songwriting. Adam Kriney, formerly of The Nationale Blue, provides a unique percussive accompanyment to the record. You can see this group's naked emotion on their record and in performances.

Track Listing:

1. In The Air
2. Passing Pont Victoria
3. Mother Nature's Evil Governor
4. Like Stars
5. Not The Last Song
6. Powderhouse Park
7. But One More Kiss
8. This City's Our Bedroom