The Menzingers "On The Impossible Past"

Scranton-raised, Philadelphia-based punk rock outfit The Menzingers drop their Epitaph debut "On The Impossible Past" after two acclaimed albums on small indies. The band's fiery early releases and dynamic live performances supporting Anti-Flag and Against Me! have created a serious buzz and landed the group on several best-of lists. Their high-energy sound features crashing power chords, rock steady drumming ,and anthemic sing-along choruses alongside poetic salt-of-the-earth lyrics in the vein of Against Me! and The Gaslight Anthem. Vinyl version includes free CD of this entire album.

Track Listing:

1. Good Things
2. Burn After Writing
3. The Obituaries
4. Gates
5. Ava House
6. Sun Hotel
7. Sculptors And Vandals
8. Mexican Guitars
9. On The Impossible Past
10. Nice Things
11. Casey
12. I Can't Seem To Tell
13. Freedom Bridge