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The Kings Of Nuthin' "Old Habits Die Hard"

Old Habits Die Hard by The Kings Of Nuthin', Boston, MA's favorite fusion of wild, '50s R&B and cacophonous punk rock. The effort was produced by Jim Siegel and recorded at the Outpost (Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood, Death Before Dishonor). For fans of Mad Sin, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Now available again on CD.

Track Listing:

1. Black & Blue
2. Dead Set Against
3. Same Situation
4. Old Habits
5. Promise Not A Threat
6. The List
7. Bystander
8. No Responsibility
9. Shitsville U.S.A.
10. Sick & Tired
11. Silver City
12. Asleep At The Wheel
13. Man Down
14. Flake
15. Expiration Date
16. You're Fucked
17. Rhythm & Booze
18. Congratulations