Facedown Records


The Burial "Lights And Perfections"

The Burial has developed and grown as a band immensely since starting in 205. After releases on Strike First Records and Sacrosanct Records, they are now signed to Facedown Records for the release of their new album "Lights And Perfections;" a dynamic, progressive metal album that is as powerful as it is convicting both musically and lyrically. The four individuals who make up The Burial are masters of their craft and it shows in every ounce of passion put into "Lights And Perfections."

Track Listing:

1. Lights
2. Apathy And Petition
3. Pearls; The Frailty Of Matter
4. Salt And Wrath
5. Seed
6. Wisdom; The Gateway Of Liberty
7. Sight And Sensation
8. Shackles And Embers
9. Perfections