The Bouncing Souls "s/t"

The self-titled Epitaph debut from East Coast punkers The Bouncing Souls is an irreverent romp filled with melodic riffs and dangerously catchy, upbeat, punk rock anthems. An instant classic filled with many favs such as "East Coast! Fuck You!" and "The Toilet Song," this LP is an exuberant collection of fist-pumping punk rock.

Track Listing:

1. Cracked
2. Say Anything
3. Kate Is Great
4. Low Life
5. Chunksong
6. East Side Mags
7. The Toilet Song
8. Single Successful Guy
9. Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is)
10. Serenity
11. Party At 174
12. Holiday Cocktail Lounge
13. The Screamer
14. East Coast! Fuck You!
15. I Like Your Eyes
16. Shark Attack