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The Bouncing Souls "Ghosts On The Boardwalk"

In 2009, The Bouncing Souls celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band by releasing a new song on the first of each month throughout the year via digital download. They also pressed these songs onto a series of 7" vinyl records which they sold everywhere they went on a year-long world tour. Here finally, they've gathered those 12 songs into a complete collection. Now available on vinyl with an embossed cover.

Track Listing:

1. Gasoline
2. Never Say Die/When You're Young
3. I Think That The World...
4. Ghosts On The Boardwalk
5. Airport Security
6. Badass
7. The Mental Bits
8. Dubs Says True
9. Boogie Woogie Downtown
10. Big Eyes
11. We All Sing Along
12. Like The Sun