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The Accused "Nasty Cuts"

Nasty Cuts compiles tracks taken from 1990's "Grinning Like An Undertaker," a track from the 1990 "Straight Razor" EP and three tracks from 1992's "Splatter Rock," all from Seattle, WA's masters of crossover mania, The Accused.

Track Listing:

1. Pounding Nails (Into The Lid Of Your Coffin)
2. Bullet-Ridden Bodies
3. The Corpse Walks
4. Grinning (Like An Undertaker)
5. Cut And Dried
6. Dropping Like Flies
7. M Is For Martha
8. When I Was A Child
9. The Night
10. Tapping The Vein
11. Blind Hate/Blind Rage
12. Stick In A Hole
13. She's Back
14. Brutality And Corruption