Nickel And Dime Records


The Spits "s/t"


The debut full-length from the year 2000 by Kalamazoo, MI's best and dumbest band of all time, The Spits, has been reissued again, this time back on the label where it began, Nickel And Dime Records, after multiple out of print pressings on Slovenly. If you didn't think Ramones-influenced punk could get even more simple and stripped down, this is The Spits.

Track Listing:

1. Dropout
2. SK8
3. Die Die Die
4. Black Kar
5. Saturday Nite
6. Remote Kontrol
7. Tired And Lonely
8. I H8 Pussies
9. Suzy's Face
10. Dropout
11. Die Die Die
12. Black Kar
13. Dropout
14. Space Guitar
15. Tired And Lonely
16. SK8
17. Space Guitar