Pirates Press Records


The Old Firm Casuals "A Butchers Banquet"


Following suit after re-pressing some of the band's other epic releases in new, arguably more collectible formats, Pirates Press Records is extremely proud to present "A Butchers Banquet" for your vinyl dining pleasure. Pressed using Pirates' brand-new, UV-printing technology, this record is something for a collector to hold in their hands and feel like they've never held a record like it before. Moving all the tracks to one side and giving the listener a full 45 RPM, 17-minute blitz of the "casual rock 'n' roll" that this band is so well known for is the real prize here. 12"ep includes a UV printed B-side.

Track Listing:

1. Kamprab
2. God And Guns
3. Entitled Generation
4. Breakout
5. A Butchers Banquet
6. Killing Time
7. Noddy Holder