The Lawrence Arms "Skeleton Coast"

"Skeleton Coast" was recorded 30 miles east of El Paso, TX, at Sonic Ranch Studios with long-time producer Matt Allison. The album contains the elements of the band's sound that fans have come to love for the past two decades, but recontextualizes them in a way that somehow sounds perfectly aligned with this strange time in our collective history. Although it was written and recorded before the Coronavirus upended the world, the band's seventh studio album sounds eerily prescient as it imagines an apocalyptic future where coyotes croon and wolf packs roam free.

Track Listing:

1. Quiet Storm
2. PTA
3. Belly Of The Whale
4. Dead Man's Coat
5. Pigeons And Spies
6. Last, Last Words
7. (The) Demon
8. Ghostwriter
9. How To Rot
10. Under Paris
11. Goblin Foxhunt
12. Lose Control
13. Don't Look At Me
14. Coyote Crown