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The Flatliners "New Ruin"


"New Ruin" is a shot of adrenaline from a band striking out at outdated institutions and ideologies via pointed lyrics and their heaviest songs to date, attacking each with a ferocity that will surprise even longtime fans. From the monstrously discordant hits that open the album through the de facto thesis statement of "Heirloom," it's clear that The Flatliners are angry in a way we've never heard before. Recorded at Toronto, Canada's Noble Street Studios and Genesis Sound with longtime friend and engineer Matt Snell, the album sounds both open and immediate, the cumulative effect of two decades performing together. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Performative Hours
2. Rat King
3. Big Strum
4. Top Left Door
5. It'll Hurt
6. Oath
7. Recoil
8. Souvenir
9. Tunnel Vision
10. Heirloom
11. Under A Dying Sun