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The Drowns "Blacked Out"


Seattle, WA, rockers The Drowns are back with their latest salvo of blue-collar, punk rock 'n' roll, "Blacked Out." On "Blacked Out," the imagery and storytelling in their songwriting is stronger than ever with standout tracks like "1979 Trans Am" and "Just The Way She Goes." With this album, The Drowns have crafted a rallying call to punks, rock 'n' rollers, and good-hearted misfits of all stripes.

Track Listing:

1. Banger
2. Ketamine & Cola
3. Dynamite
4. Just The Way She Goes
5. Blacked Out
6. Yob On A Rampage
7. 1979 Trans Am
8. All Charged Up
9. Chancer
10. Wheels
11. Don't Have A Job
12. Born To Die In NYC