New Age Records


The Dividing Line "Owe You Nothing"


Forming in 2017, The Dividing Line plays fast, unashamed hardcore blending the raw aggression of '80s-era hardcore punk and moral defiance of early-'00s straight edge. Featuring members from a consistent line of punk and hardcore bands (most recently Outlast, On Patrol, My Turn To Win, Fixation, New Heart, and Sunstroke), the band delivers a blow of jaded rage and unrelenting passion with each new track. For fans of Floorpunch, Trail Of Lies, and Ten Yard Fight. LP includes digital download.

125 Yellow With Black Splatter (RevHQ Exclusive)
150 Red
175 Clear
200 White

Track Listing:

1. Fraud
2. Ultimatum
3. Crisis Actor
4. Join Or Die
5. Glory Hound
7. Hypocrite
8. Told You So
9. Punisher
10. Firing Squad
11. Owe You Nothing