Pirates Press Records


The Aggrolites "Reggae Hit L.A."


The Aggrolites delivered a third album that completely busted the myth that surrounds this often difficult time in a band's career. In 2007, they released this phenomenal record containing what many consider their best track ever, "Free Time." Using what could be unearthed of the original design, Pirates Press Records is proud to give this fantastic album new legs, and to give fans and collectors alike something very special to commemorate this period of the band's history.

Track Listing:

1. Work It
2. Faster Bullet
3. You Got 5
4. Reconcile
5. Reggae Hit L.A.
6. Left Red
7. Let's Pack Our Bags
8. Free Time
9. Lucky Streak
10. Rhythm & Light
11. Well Runs Dry
12. Fire Girl