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The Adicts "Songs Of Praise: 40th Anniversary Edition"


Forty+ years from its original release, this exciting, commemorative, limited-edition version of The Adicts "Songs Of Praise" vinyl was remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, to give it the respect it deserves. Includes brand-new artwork, gatefold jacket with lyrics and notes from the band, with an eight-page booklet. A must-have for any punk and oi collector.

Track Listing:

1. England
2. Hurt
3. Just Like Me
4. Tango
5. Telepathic People
6. Mary Whitehouse
7. Distortion
8. Get Adicted
9. Viva La Revolution
10. Calling Calling
11. In The Background
12. Dynasty
13. Peculiar Music
14. Numbers
15. Sensitive
16. Songs Of Praise