Relapse Records


Terminal Bliss "Brute Err/Ata"

Terminal Bliss makes their Relapse Records debut with the unrelenting album "Brute Err/Ata." A veritable who's who of Virginia punk, the band features vocalist Chris and guitarist Mike Taylor of Pg. 99 and Pygmy Lush, drummer Ryan Parrish (Darkest Hour, Iron Reagan, City Of Caterpillar), and bassist Adam Juresko (City Of Caterpillar). From dystopian, sci-fi themes in tracks such as "March Of The Grieving Droid" to the apathy of the checked-out masses on "Small One Time Fee," and the personal recount of loss and the inefficacy of our healthcare system in "Clean Bill Of Wealth," it's the merging of personal experience and social critique that has informed the punk edge behind the members of Terminal Bliss for decades now. 12"ep includes an etched B-side.

Track Listing:

1. Clean Bill Of Wealth
2. Anthropomorbid
3. Dystopian Buffet
4. The Ominous Hum
5. Small One Time Fee
6. 8 Billion People Reported Missing
7. Tumoresque
8. Discarded Wallet
9. March Of The Grieving Droid
10. Hidden Handed Artificial Harassment Experiment Run Amok