Run For Cover Records


Teen Suicide "Honeybee Table At The Butterfly Feast"


Teen Suicide is back. Enigmatic songwriter Sam Ray has returned with the announcement of his new album, "Honeybee Table At The Butterfly Feast," from Run For Cover Records. The 16-song opus toggles between a wide range of sounds and styles as deftly as it tackles difficult existential ideas.

Track Listing:

1. You Were My Star
2. Death Wish
3. Get High, Breathe Underwater (#3)
4. Unwanted Houseguest
5. Groceries
6. I Will Always Be In Love With You (Final)
7. New Strategies For Telemarketing Through Precognitive Dreams
8. Violence Violence
9. Coyote (2015-2021)
10. Every Time I Hear Your Name Called
11. You Can't Blame Me
12. It Was Probably Nothing But For A Moment There I Lost All Sense Of Feeling
13. All Of Us Steady Dying
14. Complaining In Dreams
15. How To Disappear In America Without A Trace
16. Another Life (Bootleg)