King Pizza Records


Teen Mortgage "s/t"


Buckle up. D.C. fuzz punks Teen Mortgage have been blasting out driving, impossibly head-banging tunes and, despite the danger of unleashing it all unto the public, King Pizza Records has decided to collect all their releases on one huge, crushing full-length. The "Life/Death" and "Smoked" EPs, as well as all their singles, are here on wax, ready to turn the dial up and push your stereo to its absolute limit. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Doctor
2. S.W.A.S.
3. Life/Death
4. Falling Down
5. The Change
6. Tuning In
7. Such Is Life
8. Sick Day
9. No
10. Away
11. Oligarchy
12. Shangrila
13. Smoked
14. Ghost Girl
15. Can I Live
16. Valley
17. Valley II