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Take Life "You Are Nowhere"


"You Are Nowhere" is the epic, metallic-hardcore collaborative effort between hardcore stalwart frontman extraordinaire Rob Fusco (One King Down, Most Precious Blood, Recon) and Rafe Holmes (Insvrgence). Take Life is the focus of decades of metal/hardcore songwriting experience and unbridled expression boasting the feral, frenetic musical energy of bands like Kiss It Goodbye and Burnt By The Sun, and the scathing lyrical content and emotive vocal performances which have been Fusco's trademark. "You Are Nowhere" was produced, mixed, and mastered by legendary metalcore mastermind Randy Leboeuf (The Acacia Strain). Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Eucharistic Threat
2. No Life Goes Unruined
3. Anxiety Calligraphy
4. Leper Shepherd
5. Butcher And The Blade
6. You Are Nowhere
7. Old Habit, New Target
8. Chemicalm
9. Perfect Memory Of An Impossible Event
10. Wolf Eyes Vs Machine Girl
11. Storm Ruler