Vitriol Records


Sweat "Love Child"


This is the second ripper full-length from Sweat, a band composed of members of Graf Orlock, Dangers, Ghostlimb, and Dogteeth. Pissed, snarky, melodic, and articulate, "Love Child" is couched in a rock 'n' roll aesthetic viewed through a sardonic hardcore lens. "Love Child" continues along the path started with their "s/t" 7" (2020), "Gotta Give It Up" LP (2022), and the recently released split 7" with Negative Blast (2023).

Track Listing:

1. Commercial Pleasure
2. Give Me Action
3. Pair Of Dice
4. Pure Display
5. White Nectarines
6. Bad Taste
7. Love Child
8. Physical
9. A Real Good Time
10. Predisposed Paranoia