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Suppression "Spiritual Sepsis"


Suppression has been eroding eardrums since '92 and are one of the OG powerviolence mainstays of the East Coast. This 17-minute album really takes what they put onto the Bastard Noise collaboration and hones in that Man Is The Bastard/Bastard Noise/Eric Wood psychosis sound but with the frantic accuracy we know Jason Hodge can deliver on the bass. The other piece of the band is Ryan Parrish on drums, who has also been in such acts as Darkest Hour, City Of Caterpillar, Iron Reagan, and Mammoth Grinder.

Track Listing:

1. Transposed
2. Eating Each Other Alive
3. Pestilent
4. Fecalized
5. Morgue Eaters
6. Recreational Genocide
7. Estate
8. Cop Out
9. Toilet Diatribes Of The Morally Bankrupt
10. Split Wig
11. Hulking Ominous
12. Log Out
13. Neurotoxins
14. Wraith Wrath
15. The Face Beneath
16. Labyrinthine Catacombs Beneath The Cataclysmic Plane
17. Hot Take
18. Wind Bag
19. Absolutes
20. Unhooded
21. Infiltrate
22. Air Raid
23. Talking Lips
24. Spiritual Sepsis
25. Vampire Family
26. Morons Fucking
27. Fractured Landscape