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Subhumans "EP-LP"


The "EP-LP" was originally released in early 1986 after the band had split in November 1985, and collected, for convenience, the first four Subhumans EPs onto one disc. This includes the fiery, six-track debut, "Demolition War," that was first unleashed at the end of 1981, the powerful and provocative "Reason For Existence" and the perennial "Religious Wars," both from 1982, and the intensely angry "Evolution," from May 1983, whose title track rages so effectively against the senseless tragedy that is vivisection. Whilst never intended to be released as a full-length album when first recorded, most of the 18 tracks on offer are still staples in the band’s set to this day and hang together very cohesively as an essential body of work. New pressing now available on black vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Parasites
2. Drugs Of Youth
3. Animal
4. Society
5. Who's Gonna Fight In The Third World War?
6. Human Error
7. Big City
8. Peroxide
9. Reason For Existence
10. Cancer
11. Religious Wars
12. Love Is...
13. Its Gonna Get Worse
14. Work Experience
15. Evolution
16. So Much Money
17. Germ
18. Not Me