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Struck Nerve "s/t"

With a rich history of influential bands including Ink & Dagger, Blacklisted, and Horror Show, Philadelphia, PA's hardcore scene has had an indelible impression on the hardcore community going back to the '80s. Comprised of current and former members of such groups as Jesus Piece, Agitator, Uzi Kids, and Pain Strikes, Struck Nerve is a new hardcore combo poised to add to their city's hallowed punk legacy. Recorded by Wyatt Oberholzer (Year Of The Knife, Fixation), Struck Nerve rips and tears with both speed-driven and more breakdown-centered sections, conjuring the spirit and energy of classic hardcore throughout its four tracks. Limited edition of 400 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Xtro/Play The Fool
2. Life's Too Short
3. All Talk
4. Keepin It Real