Bridge Nine Records


Strike Anywhere "Iron Front"

One of the most influential melodic hardcore bands of our time, Strike Anywhere, is set to release their Bridge Nine debut, "Iron Front." Strike Anywhere's latest effort is thirteen songs of their own brand of fast and melodic punk rock. While slightly heavier and noisier than their previous releases, "Iron Front" features accessible songs that address global and personal issues like human rights, war, politics and police brutality. Vinyl version includes digital download. New pressing now available on white vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Invisible Colony
2. I'm Your Opposite Number
3. South Central Beach Party
4. Failed State
5. Hand Of Glory
6. The Crossing
7. Spectacular
8. Blackbirds Roar
9. Omega Footprint
10. Summerpunks
11. First Will And Testament
12. Western Scale
13. Postcards From Home