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Stomper 98 "s/t"


As one of the premier oi bands in Germany, Stomper 98 are regarded as legends of working-class punk rock. Ultimately, Stomper 98 was presented with an arduous challenge: following up 2018's "Altergebracht," which was hailed as the band's best work, not to mention the best German oi album of the past 20 years. Whether the challenges Stomper 98 faced are the self-made challenges of surpassing previous creative milestones, or the challenge of recovering from the blows life inevitably deals with, this latest collection of oi classics will send the message loud and clear to fans across the world that Stomper 98 has certainly emerged victorious.

Track Listing:

1. Der Stachel Im Arsch
2. Aubenseiter
3. Wir Halten Die Fahnen Weiter Hoch
4. Bleibt Mir Allesamt Gestohlen
5. Erkennst Du Dich Wieder
6. Auf Die Stimmen Einer Generation
7. Deutschland Im Chaos
8. Alle Gegen Alle, Jeder Gegen Jeden
9. 25 Jahre
10. Alex - Schatten Der Nacht
11. Boots, Bier, Und Bomberjacken
12. So Lange Her
13. Achtundneunzig Nachte