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Steve Marino "Too Late To Start Again"


"Too Late To Start Again" follows Steve Marino's 2019 debut, "Fluff," and finds the songwriter more confident than ever before. The album tracks Marino's move from Bloomington, IN, to Los Angeles, CA, and captures the strange combination of excitement and melancholy that can come with a fresh start. Recorded with Ben Lumsdaine and featuring guitar work from Matt Berry (The Berries, Big Bite) and Kora Puckett (Bugg, Narrow Head), "Too Late To Start Again" conjures up Marino's take on a particularly timeless strain of pop rock, providing the kind of instantly lovable earworms that will stick with you long after the record's brisk, half-hour runtime is over.

Track Listing:

1. Satisfy You
2. Comedown
3. Got You (In My World Now)
4. Kingdom
5. Leaning Off The Sun
6. Tune You Out
7. Love You More Than Before
8. Blue
9. Pins And Needles
10. I Don't Want Control Of You