Indecision Records


Stay Gold "Pills And Advice"


Seattle, WA's Stay Gold blends a great mix of straight-forward hardcore with melodic singalongs, a cross between bands like Bane, Hot Water Music, and Good Riddance. "Pills And Advice" was originally released in 2002 and the only vinyl pressing was a small-run, European-only version which now fetches a premium on collector markets. To celebrate the record's 20th anniversary, Indecision Records has pressed up a batch of vinyl for the occasion. New pressing now available on orange and yellow swirl vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Best Kept Secret
2. Just Below The Surface
3. Never Sleep Alone
4. On The Homefront
5. Ring Toss
6. 40 Smith And Wesson
7. Pity Party
8. City Limits
9. Bottom Floor
10. Toy Boats And Battleships
11. Pills And Advice
12. Three Weeks