Creator-Destructor Records


Spinebreaker "Ice Grave"


From the depths of San Jose, CA, comes crawling a new and shocking blend of disgustingly heavy, old-school death metal by the name of Spinebreaker. Formed in late 2013, Spinebreaker has been slowly slithering and making waves in the Bay Area hardcore and metal community with their crushing and explosive blend of European-inspired death metal. Their debut offering and upcoming Creator-Destructor full-length, "Ice Grave," provides a soundtrack of raw, sonic, death-metal annihilation in a world of human filth, greed, and corruption.

Track Listing:

1. Enter The Storm...
2. ...Into The Ice Grave
3. Internal Bleeding
4. Fractured Existence
5. Severed Denial
6. River Of Pain
7. Slithering Tyrant
8. Withering In The Blizzard
9. Flesh Wound
10. Entrenched
11. Divine Mortal Being
12. Merciless Victory